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The HTH Spa™ Product Line offers chlorine and bromine products that are complemented by pH adjusters, algaecides and shocks. The HTH Spa™ Brand includes the products necessary to maintain inviting and spa water.


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To keep your water balanced, be sure to test it before each use. You can do this by using an HTH® 6-Way Test Kit, HTH® 3-Way Test Kit or HTH® 6-Way Test Strips. Along with testing, the first step in maintaining sparkling water is to balance your water.

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The HTH Spa™ Product Line offers two types of primary sanitizers for use in spas: chlorine and bromine. Choosing a sanitizer comes down to personal preference. No matter which HTH Spa™ Sanitizer you select, both our bromine and chlorine products sanitize effectively when used properly.

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It is essential to shock treat or oxidize your spa water at least once a week to keep your water clean and clear. Shock treating gives your spa the extra boost of chlorine it needs, killing unwanted bacteria and algae. Oxidizing eliminates undesirable solids, colors and odors.

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These products were formulated to eliminate or prevent any other problems that you might encounter with your spa.

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These enhancement products have been created to elevate your spa experience.

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