It’s not too difficult to convince people to come over for a pool party in the summertime. It’s pool season, people are looking to cool off, and your backyard is the perfect place to do it. But sadly, for some of us pool season can’t last forever. So the conclusion seems clear: Let’s just stop throwing backyard bashes in the off-season…NOT.

If you have a pool in your backyard and still want to throw a party, there are simple ways to transform your backyard into party central.

1. Floating flowers It seems almost too easy, but floating flowers in your pool can really add an awesome aesthetic touch to any party you want to throw. The pool may be closed for swimming, but it’s still open for decoration.

2. Floating fountains Though less popular than pool floats, these incredible devices can turn a backyard pool into a beautiful party centerpiece. While they aren’t exactly cheap, there are plenty of pool owners out there who have found them to be well worth the cost.

3. Underwater light shows Lighting a backyard for a late-night party can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have a pool. Pools take up a lot of space and aren’t exactly easy to cast light across. But with underwater light show products, you can turn your dark pool into a party fixture. Whether you’re looking for festive, multicolored illumination or just simple white light projections, there are plenty of products out there to fit your needs.

4. Pool floats You’ve seen some of them before. Giant swans, enormous beach balls…the list goes on and on. Though these pool floats serve as great toys for in-season swimming, they can also create a fun, festive atmosphere in your backyard for parties.

5. Floating candles If you’re throwing a late-night shindig and want to achieve that zen vibe you’re always seeing in home improvement magazines, then give some floating candles a shot. Available in a ton of different shapes and sizes, these candles are a booming trend in pool decoration and are sure to put your pool’s appearance over the top.

6. Patio heaters They may not be the cutting edge in aesthetics, but these are essential if you’re throwing a backyard party in cold weather.

7. Light columns They’re called “topiaries” and they’re a growing trend. These stacks of light go around your pool to brighten up whatever event you’re trying to host. Match them with floating candles or even a pool fountain and you’ll have one snazzy backyard festivity on your hands.

8. Perimeter pool lighting We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: lighting your pool and yard for parties is key. Whether you want to use multicolored holiday lights or something a little less attention grabbing, having lights around your pool’s edge can be the difference between a good look and a great one.

9. Good food…

10. …and drinks There’s not much of a party without these things. Placing bar stations and food platters around your backyard can create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and ensure that your bash will go off without a hitch.

Backyard shindigs are always fun, but consider these ideas the next time you’re hosting one. Guests always appreciate aesthetic flair, and employing even one or two of the ideas we’ve listed can really help get a party started.