If you haven’t looked at hot tubs lately, you may notice something different about them. Sure, they’re still warm and bubbly. But their sizes, shapes, colors and materials have changed. And of course technological features have been added, too.

With that, we give you this year’s newest spa trends.

Design Elements

Hot tubs are incorporating more design features. Drawing inspiration from furniture and appliances, designers are using new materials on the exterior, like natural wood or recycled materials, seeking to make spas the centerpiece of a backyard or deck.

Swim Spas

Hot tubs are known primarily for relaxation, but that’s changing with swim spas growing in popularity. While larger in size, they can still be installed above or below ground, without requiring the permits of a full-sized pool. And, using the resistance of water jets, they offer the big benefit of hydrotherapy, which is easier on the body’s joints.

Energy Efficiency

The same technology that helps furnaces and appliances use less energy is being put to use in spas as well. With covers or lids that provide more insulation today than in the past and with features like built-in self-diagnostic topside controls that monitor and adjust temperature levels, spas are now better at preventing heat loss and unnecessary energy use.

LED Lighting

Lights can transform pools at night and hot tubs are no different. Energy efficient LED lights are now available in many models, allowing you to set the mood for parties, make it fun for the kids, or illuminate features like water jets or drink holders. 


Electronics and the Internet continue to influence nearly every aspect of modern life, and hot tubs are no exception. Some new models employ mobile apps so owners can control them remotely. Users can even receive maintenance updates and notifications to assist in the upkeep of their spas.