One of the simplest ways to prevent pool problems is to establish a weekly pool maintenance routine. A weekly pool routine helps make sure that any bacteria, virus or contaminant does not have the opportunity to cause problems that disrupt your swim season.

Whether you have an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, 2500 gallons or 25,000, maintaining a weekly pool routine will help you protect your investment and your summer Saturday swim plans.

Before you get started, choose a “Pool Care Day” you can stick to week after week. Maybe it’s Friday to prepare for Saturday swimming, or Sunday evening to help your pool recover from heavy weekend use. Just make sure you stay on top of your water care every week (or twice a week in extreme weather conditions or with heavy pool use). Next, you’re ready to get started. Every week, here’s the order you’ll want to follow to make sure your pool chemicals are most effective.

Step #1: Test your pool water with HTH® Multi-purpose 6-way Test Strips

When you use HTH® Multi-purpose 6-Way Test Strips, you can get FREE personalized pool instructions by text in just seconds with the HTH® Textstrip™ program. Just test your water, and text a photo of your test strip to 484-123, enter your pool volume and wait for your personalized results – including the products and dosing you need for healthy swimming conditions.

Step #2: Apply your balancers as directed by your test strip results

In addition to the Textstrip™ program, you can also compare your test strip to the side of the test strip canister, or use the HTH® Test to Swim app to determine your results.

Step #3: Apply your sanitizer

For pools 10,000 gallons and up, add a new 3” chlorinating tablet to your floater, skimmer or feeder every week; for smaller pools, look for 1” chlorinating tablets, chlorinating granules or liquid chlorine.

Step #4: Apply HTH® shock in the evening

Not all shock products have the same formula. Cal hypo shock products like HTH® Super! Shock not only destroy contaminants and algae, but they also will never overstabilize your pool water (a pool problem that causes your chlorine to be ineffective and requires that you drain some of your pool water). 

Step #5: Apply HTH® algaecide 24 hours later

Be sure to wait 24 hours after applying a shock product to add algaecide to your pool. Remember algaecide is not just for killing existing algae; adding algaecide also prevents algae from forming – which will save you a lot of hassle through the season.

Your maintenance routine might take you around 20 minutes every week, and it’ll pay off with healthy swimming conditions all summer long.

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