Flowers are blooming, temperatures are going up and the school year is coming to an end. That can only mean one thing: Memorial Day is here. There’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than by throwing a pool party for family and friends. That’s why we’re offering four steps to help you throw the perfect pool party this Memorial Day.

Pool Party Step 1:

Choose the perfect poolside décor.

Memorial Day commemorates those who have fought for our country, so a patriotic-themed party is fitting and appropriate. Use beach umbrellas on tables to decorate your pool area. Not only will this evoke the feeling of summer, it will also protect guests from the sun—or any unexpected showers.

Pool Party Step 2:

Plan a fun family-friendly pool game.

Pool Games

Keep the pool party games fun, and easy, but with a hint of competition. We recommend group sports, such as pool volleyball, basketball or a good old game of Marco Polo. For additional pool game ideas, check out our Pinterest board “Family Pool Games.

Pool Party Step 3:

Pick recipes that are ideal for the poolside.

It’s important to keep recipes light and serve guests salads, vegetables and fruit dishes. But if you’re a meat fan, check out our “Fire Up Your Grill” Pinterest board for other barbecuing options.

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Pool Party Step 4:

Spring-themed drinks.

For drinks, we suggest taking advantage of the wonderful spring and summer fruits available. Set up a fresh juice bar where guests can blend their favorite fruits together.