Cloudy water can be one of the tougher pool care problems to clear up, because there are many potential causes. Use this quick checklist to eliminate the potential causes of cloudy water in your pool so that you can get back to enjoying your sparkling blue, crystal clear water:

  • Did you recently have a pool party or experience an algae bloom? If so, be sure to add an HTH® Clear All Power Pod™ clarifier or HTH® Weekly Power Pod™ product to help any remaining particles stick to your filter. If you can vacuum to waste, you can also use HTH® Flocculant.
  • Is your filter operating properly? It may be time to chemically clean it with HTH® Filter Cleaner with Natural Protein Additives. Your pump and filter should operate at least 8-10 hours per day.
  • Is your water chemistry balanced? High pH, TA, CH, or CYA levels can reduce the clarity of your pool. If your CH or CYA levels are too high, dilute with fresh water to lower them into range. If your pH or TA levels are too high, reduce them with HTH® pH Minus.
  • Have you shocked your pool this week? Shocking the pool with an HTH® shock treatment oxidizes any contaminants or algae that have accumulated, which are a leading-cause of cloudy water. For best results, shock at dusk to allow the chlorine to work effectively overnight.

clearing cloudy pool water

Completing this quick, easy checklist will ensure that you’ve taken all of the right steps to ensure your pool is inviting to bathers. Happy swimming!