Green water is one of the most commonly recurring problems in a poorly maintained swimming pool. The key word is poorly. Once you are aware of the two main causes of green water and how they relate to water chemistry and proper pool maintenance, you will understand how to keep your pool sparkling and ready for summer fun.
pool algae

Tips to a Clean Your Pool of Algae:

  • As green as your pool water may appear, you must balance your basic water chemistry, especially the pH, before treating the algae. The HTH® Test to Swim® website or app (Apple | Android) will test a sample of your pool’s water for you and tell you exactly what you need to add.
  • Brushing and vacuuming the pool to physically remove or at least disturb as much of the algae as possible before adding your treatment products will greatly improve their effectiveness and value.
  • Once your pool is rid of the algae, use an HTH® algaecide to prevent a re-infestation. Think of your primary sanitizer as your first line of defense and the algaecide as insurance. Preventing the algae in this manner is much less expensive than treating algae that’s already developed.


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