One of the most unsightly pool care problems is a stain on your liner. Luckily, it is easy to pinpoint the source of the stain so that it can be easily removed using your HTH® Pool Care products.

Two Main Causes of Pool Stains:

1)  The presence of metals in your source water, such as a well, or from aging pool components can lead to metallic stains. To confirm the presence of metals, have your water tested professionally at an HTH® Test to Swim® location.

If they are present, apply HTH® Metal Control at dusk and brush   the stain daily with an HTH® PRO 18” Curved Wall Brush. Be sure to avoid shock treating your pool for up to a week to allow this product to completely remove your stain and prevent a future one.

cleaning pool stains

2)  Alternatively, stains can also be organic in nature, resulting from algae deposits or tannins from leaves remaining on your liner for an extended period of time. If this is the likely cause of your stain, broadcast an HTH® shock treatment over the stain and brush it daily with an HTH® PRO 18” Curved Wall Brush.

Even though stains are unsightly, they’re not as tough to remove as you might think. Be sure to identify the source of your stain, and the let HTH® Pool Care go to work to remove it for you.

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