It’s summer, and that means long days spent poolside and all the fun in the sun you and your family can imagine. But let’s not forget that summertime also brings with it the unavoidable summer storms and heavy rainfall. Even pools that usually sparkle clear and blue can be affected by heavy rainfall and storms, leaving your backyard oasis less than splash-worthy. Luckily, the adverse side effects brought on by inclement weather can be counteracted using the right combination of HTH® Pool Care products. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your pool water balanced and clear no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Test Your Water

Heavy rains can dilute the chemicals you’ve added to your pool water. After a storm or lengthy rain, it’s always smart to double-check your water balance, stabilizer and sanitizer levels with an HTH® 6-Way Test Kit or box of HTH® 6-Way Test Strips to be sure your pool water is still adequately balanced, stabilized and sanitized.

Water Balance and Chemistry

Even rainwater has its own water chemistry, so a significant rain event could raise or lower your pool water’s pH and Total Alkalinity levels. To adjust your water balance parameters, don’t forget to check your stabilizer, pH and Total Alkalinity levels. You may need HTH® pH Minus, HTH® Alkalinity Plus, or HTH® pH-Plus® balancer to get your pool water back to its pristine, clear blue state.

Clean and Treat

Rainwater that washes or falls straight into the pool water or that falls off of tree branches can introduce algae and other contaminants into your pool. These contaminants can quickly use up your sanitizer. Adding an HTH® shock treatment after the rain has passed will break down the contaminants and keep your pool water clear for the next sunny day.

dirty pool after storm

Following a Flood

If your pool has been affected by recent flooding, special measures are necessary to restore the water quality to a swimmable condition. Our customer care team can give you the information you need so your family can get back to enjoying your pool, all summer long! We can be reached at 866-484-7665.

Don’t let summer storms put a damper on your poolside fun. Follow these simple tips after the storms pass and you’ll be cannonballing into crystal clear water in no time.

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