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hth spa™ pH Increaser

  • Raises pH levels
  • Allows sanitizer to work more effectively
  • Contains mineral crystals for a relaxing spa experience

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Spa Maintenance

Treating foam in your spa

There are several reasons that a spa foams. A common cause is the rapidly moving water combined with bathers bringing in soaps and detergents on their bodies and bathing suits. Showering before entering the spa helps prevent this problem. If excess detergents are the cause of the foam, using the hth Spa™ Defoamer will reduce the amount of foaming.

Organic waste build up can also cause foaming. If you are sanitizing your spa with Bromine you should shock your spa with hth Spa™ Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer on a regular basis to oxidize the waste out of the water and reduce foaming.

Bromine vs. Chlorine

hth Spa™ offers both bromine and chlorine based sanitizers for your spa. hth Spa™ Bromine is offered as a two-part system; hth Spa™ Brominating Tablets and hth Spa™ Brom-start. Overall, bromine tends to be more popular among spa owners because unlike chlorine, bromine is effective over a wider pH range, doesn't irritate your eyes or bleach bathing suits. Additionally, bromine is effective in its combined form, doesn't smell and is an effective sanitizer.

Many spa owners however, elect to sanitize with chlorine. It is traditionally used in pools, and it is an effective sanitizer and oxidizer. hth Spa™ Clear Chlorinating Sanitizer is easy to use and also keep the water sparkling clean!

When to shock

How often you shock spa water depends on the sanitizer used and the number of bathers using the spa in a 24 hour period. If you are using the 2-part bromine sanitizing system such as hth Spa™ Brominating Tablets and hth Spa™ Brom-Start it is recommended that you shock each time you finish using your spa. If you are using hth Spa™ Chlorinating granules, it is recommended that you shock at least one time per week. It may be necessary to shock more often if the bather load is heavy or the water is cloudy.

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