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Our Here To Help Video Series will give you all the answers to common problems like algae, cloudy water, low chlorine levels and more.
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Test, Text, and Solve with HTH® Textstrip™

smart packaging video thumbnail

Ready, Scan, and See with HTH® Smart Packaging

 pods video thumbnail

New HTH® Pre-measured Water Soluble Pods™

spa selections video thumbnail

Relaxation Made Easy with Spa Selections™

opening your pool video thumbnail

Easy steps to open your pool, from hth®

closing pool thumbnail image

Easy steps to close your pool, from hth®

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Easy steps on using your hth® floater.

test to swim app

hth® Test to Swim® water testing app

pool safety video thumbnail

Making Pool Safety Simple

shocking video thumbnail

Making Shock Simple

ph made simple video thumbnail

Making pH Simple

Adjusting Chlorine Levels in Your Pool

Adjusting Chlorine Levels in Your Pool

Getting rid of algae in your pool

Getting Rid of Algae in Your Pool

How to test and balance your pool

How to Test and Balance Your Pool

Clearing up green water in your pool

Clearing Up Green Water in Your Pool

Clearing up cloudy pool water

Clearing Up Cloudy Pool Water

How to shock your pool

How to Shock Your Pool