HTH® Algae Guard10

Don’t let green pool water ruin your summer. Kill and prevent green algae with HTH® Algae Guard10 for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


About This Item

HTH Algae Guard10 is formulated to prevent and kill algae. Apply this non-foaming algae guard directly to pool water – and swim just 15 minutes after use.

TO USE: Add algaecide directly to the pool water with the pump running. This product can be used when opening the pool, as a maintenance product every 3 – 5 days, or for closing the pool when the swimming season is over.

  • Effective, fast acting
  • Non-foaming
  • Swim immediately

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Clear Up Green Algae with HTH® Algae Guard10

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Works Quickly

The HTH® Algae Guard10 quickly kills and prevents green algae so you can get back to swimming as soon as possible. Use regularly for maximum effectiveness.

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Concentrated Formula

The non-foaming algaecide works to kill algae spores and prevent regrowth. Plus, it’s compatible with salt water systems.

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Simply add the product directly to the pool with the pump running.

How to Prevent Algae Growth in Swimming Pools

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Brush & Remove Debris

To prevent algae growth, brush your pool weekly to remove any spores that have attached to the walls or steps. Trees and plants are a common source of algae spores, so trim leaves and branches back as much as possible and remove leaves and other debris from your pool right away. 

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Clean Your Filter

Clean your filter regularly to effectively remove dead algae spores from your pool. Use HTH® Filter Cleaner to clean all filter types and help the filtration system to work more efficiently.

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Add Chemicals

Shock your pool weekly to boost chlorine levels and keep your water crystal clear. One of the best ways to protect your pool from algae is to use a regular shock treatment, then follow up with a weekly dose of an algaecide like HTH® Algae Guard10.




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