HTH® Stabilizer

HTH® Stabilizer helps to protect and extend the life of chlorine in swimming pool water.


About This Item

HTH® Stabilizer helps protect and extend the life of chlorine in your swimming pool. If you’re using an unstabilized chlorinator, adding stabilizer separately can help slow down the effects of direct sunlight on the chlorine levels in your pool. HTH® Stabilizer can be added to the skimmer to help your free available chlorine levels stay between 1 and 4 ppm for healthy swimming. HTH® Stabilizer is great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and salt water pools.

  • Helps chlorine last longer
  • Sun protected for longer chlorine life
  • Apply through the skimmer
  • Compatible with all pool types including salt water systems
HTH Stabilizer helps you stay balanced all summer long


Balance With HTH® Stabilizer

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Raises Cyanuric Acid Levels

HTH® Stabilizer raises the cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in your pool’s water. The ideal stabilizer range is between 20 and 40 ppm.

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Protect Against Harsh Sunlight

If you’re having trouble maintaining chlorine levels, add stabilizer to your pool until it is in the ideal range. It protects against the harsh sunlight to extend the life of chlorine.

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Improves Comfort of Swimmers

If the pool water levels are off, eye and skin irritation can occur. Keep everyone comfortable with properly balanced water.

How to use HTH® Stabilizer

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Clean Equipment

Start by backwashing your filter to remove any dirt or contaminants. Also, make sure the skimmer is clean from all chemical residue or debris.

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Test Water Levels

Next, test and adjust the level of free available chlorine to 1 – 4 parts per million (ppm). Then, measure the cyanuric acid (CYA) concentration. The ideal range is between 20 – 40 ppm. 

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Add HTH® Stabilizer

If CYA levels are below 20 ppm, then add HTH® Stabilizer directly to the skimmer. Wait for the granules to dissolve before adding any additional pool products. Leave the circulation pump running and do not backwash for at least 48 hours.




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