hth® stabilizer, 4 lbs.

This product helps to protect and extend the life of chlorine in swimming pool water.


About This Item

This product helps to protect and extend the life of chlorine in swimming pool water. It slows the loss of chlorine caused by sunlight. Use this product if sunlight makes it difficult to maintain the correct chlorine level.    

  • Extends chlorine life
  • Sun defense for pool water
  • Compatible with salt systems
  • Apply direct to pool


Balance With HTH Stabilizer

Raises Cyanuric Acid Levels

HTH® Stabilizer raises the cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in your pool’s water. The ideal stabilizer range is between 20 and 40 ppm.

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Protect Against Harsh Sunlight

If you’re having trouble maintaining chlorine levels, add stabilizer to your pool until it is in the ideal range. It protects against the harsh sunlight to extend the life of chlorine.

Improves Comfort of Swimmers

HTH® Stabilizer makes it simple to apply the correct dosage to your pool. 

How to Use HTH Pre-measured Water Soluble Pods

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1. Test pH Levels

Use HTH Multi-Purpose 6-Way Test Strips to test the pH level. The ideal pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH is too low, raise it with HTH Premeasured Water Soluble Pods pH Up. 

2. Determine Dosage

Looking at the instruction labels on the back of the pack, determine necessary quantity depending on pool volume (gallons) and pH level from step 1.

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3. Apply Directly to Water or Skimmer

With the pump running, add to pool skimmer or directly to the pool water spread evenly around the deep end of the pool. Use a pool brush to disperse any undissolved chemicals.




Day After

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