HTH® Super Green to Blue Shock System

Fight a severe algae bloom and return your pool to its clear blue appearance with the HTH® Super Green to Blue Shock System for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


About This Item

The two-step product shocks your pool with a boost of chlorine to kill bacteria and algae, then drops dead algae particles to the bottom of the pool with a flocculant for crystal clear water within 24 hours. Because the fast-acting formula dissolves quickly, your family can get back to swimming and relaxing as soon as possible. TO USE: Make sure your pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8 and adjust if needed. Check that your pump is running and then snip the corner of HTH® Super Green to Blue I. Broadcast the product evenly over the deepest end of the pool. If the granules settle at the bottom, use a brush to disperse them evenly. Allow this product to disperse throughout the pool, then move the multiport valve to the RECIRCULATE position.  Broadcast the HTH® Super Green to Blue II flocculant over the surface of the pool. Run your pump for two hours and then shut it off. The suspended material will settle to the bottom of the pool overnight and the next morning you should vacuum all the settled debris to waste. Treats up to 20,000 gallons. PLEASE NOTE: This product is not designed to work with pools that cannot vacuum to waste. It may not work for certain pools, including pop-up pools with D.E. or cartridge filters.

  • Contains four 1.15 pounds of HTH® Super Green to Blue I and two 1.3 pounds of HTH® Super Green to Blue II Flocculant
  • Effective two-step product kills algae to transform water from green to blue
  • The shock product boosts chlorine levels to kill bacteria and algae
  • The flocculant product drops dead algae to the bottom of the pool to vacuum to waste
  • Designed ONLY for pools that can vacuum to waste without passing through the filter.
  • May not work for all pop-up pools with D.E. or cartridge filters. 
  • Made in the USA

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Transforms Your Pool Water from Green to Blue Within 24 Hours

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Kills Green Algae

Chlorine is very effective at killing and destroying green algae. The high dose provided by HTH® Super Green to Blue quickly destroys severe green algae blooms that make water green and opaque.

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Clears the Water of Debris

The heavy duty flocculant in HTH<sup>&reg;</sup> Super Green to Blue II works fast to settle dead algae and debris to be vacuumed as waste and return the crystal clear blue appearance to the water

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Keeps Water Clear

The fast-dissolving formula found in HTH® Super Green to Blue acts quickly to restore clarity to your water so you can be back in the swimming pool within 24 hours. Maintaining proper sanitizer levels and using a preventative HTH® algaecide will keep the water crystal clear.

How to Use HTH® Shock Treatment

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1. Test pH Levels

Dip an HTH® Multi-purpose 6-Way Test Strip (sold separately) into the water to measure total alkalinity, pH, free available chlorine (FAC), calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid or stabilizer. Balance water, and adjust alkalinity and pH levels, where applicable.

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2. Apply Directly to Water

Before handling any chemicals, put on protective gloves and goggles. During evening hours and with the pump running, broadcast the HTH® Super Shock! Treatment evenly along the deep end of the swimming pool. 

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3. Wait & Test Chlorine Levels

If granules settle along the bottom of the pool, use a brush to disperse until granules are dissolved. Once free available chlorine levels are between 1 and 4 ppm, your pool is ready to use again.




Day After

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