HTH® Pool Care Kit, Opening & Closing Maintenance Bundle, Test Strips, Shock & More, 4lbs

POOL OPENING AND CLOSING KIT: HTH® Pool Care Kit contains all important chemicals and supplies for successfully opening and closing your indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

CONVENIENT AND MULTI-PURPOSE: Test, sanitize, clarify and shock treat your pool with one kit. Features HTH® Super Shock! with Cal Hypo to boost chlorine without overstabilizing pool water.

EASY DIY POOL CARE: From algae control to clearing cloudy pool water, HTH® makes application convenient and easy. Simply follow the on-pack instructions for each product.

GREAT FOR ALL POOL TYPES: The HTH® Pool Care Kit is ideal for treating up to 20,000 gallons of water in both fresh and saltwater systems.

MORE VALUE WITH HTH®Each kit includes two 1 lb. bags of HTH® Ultimate Shock Treatment, one 12 oz. bottle of HTH® Algae Guard Granules, one 1.25 lb. bottle of HTH® Metal & Stain Defense Granules and one pack of 10 HTH® Multi-purpose 6-Way Test Strips.

About This Item

Whether you are opening your pool for the first swim or closing it for the winter, HTH® Pool Care Kit for Opening and Closing is a convenient, multi-purpose kit that prevents stains and scale, kills bacteria, clarifies, shock treats and prevents algae in up to 20,000 gallons of water. And with the HTH 6-Way Test Strips, you can easily check levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and cyanuric acid (CYA). The kit is not only a great value, it’s easy to use and compatible with both fresh and saltwater systems. Plus, it features HTH® Ultimate Shock! with Cal Hypo, which boosts chlorine levels without overstabilizing your pool water.

HTH® Pool Care was developed with the pool owner in mind. We know that maintaining your pool water can be a lot of work. That’s why we’re here every step of the way, helping you clear the uncertainty from pool care. With economical, easy-to-use solutions, HTH® is designed to work hard so you’re prepared to tackle whatever life throws in your pool. From balancing your water to treating green water, we offer a full line of products to keep your pool water healthy and your swimmers happy. 

If you like using HTH®, check out the other pool and spa care brands from our parent company, Sigura, like Applied Biochemists®, Leisure Time®, GLB®, Spa Selections® and PooLife®. Sigura has a long heritage and over 90 years of experience in developing innovative pool chemicals and supplies as well as spa water treatment solutions. With our track record of innovation and a dedication to simple, intuitive solutions, Sigura® customers feel more secure.

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Start & Finish Strong with the HTH® Pool Care Kit

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HTH® 6-Way Test Strips, 30 Strips

Use these HTH® 6-Way Test Strips to test levels of free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness & cyanuric acid (CYA) stabilizer. Simply dip into the water and compare to the color chart on the canister. Balance your pool accordingly.

HTH Ultimate Shock Treatment product module image

HTH® Ultimate Shock Treatment, 1 lb.

Boost chlorine levels to kill bacteria and algae in your pool with this shock treatment. The fast-dissolving formula works quickly for crystal clear water in only 24 hours. Plus, it won’t fade your liner or overstabilize your pool.

HTH Algae Guard product module image

HTH® Algae Guard Granules, 12 oz.

Prevent and control green, yellow and black algae in your pool with algae guard granules. The easy-to-use formula works for all pool surfaces and is also compatible with salt systems. 

How to Open Your Pool for Summer

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1. Remove & clean pool cover

Before taking off the pool cover, use a soft broom to sweep away dead leaves and large debris. Lift the cover away from the pool and lay it flat to wash.   After it dries, fold and store it away for the summer. Remove any large debris that might have dropped into the pool.

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2. Remove Winterizing Equipment

Remove the winterizing pool plugs that prevented water from getting into your pool’s plumbing during the winter. If you used an ice compensator, remove it from your skimmer.

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3. Add Water

Since the pool probably lost several inches of water over the winter, bring your water levels up to normal. Use a hose filter to prevent metals and other contaminants from getting in your pool.




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