hth® pop-up pool care kit

hth® pop-up pool care kit is an effective, multi-purpose product that sanitizes, clarifies, helps prevents algae and shock treats your pop-up pool. It is convenient, easy-to-use, and won’t over-stabilize your pool.


About This Item


  • One 1lb. hth® ultimate mineral brilliance™ chlorinating granules
  • One 13.3 oz. hth® shock treatment
  • One 15 oz. hth® stabilizer
  • Ten hth® multi-purpose 6-way test strips
  • Compatible with salt systems

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How to Open Your Pool for Summer

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1. Remove & clean pool cover

Before taking off the pool cover, use a soft broom to sweep away dead leaves and large debris. Lift the cover away from the pool and lay it flat to wash.   After it dries, fold and store it away for the summer. Remove any large debris that might have dropped into the pool.

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2. Remove Winterizing Equipment

Remove the winterizing pool plugs that prevented water from getting into your pool’s plumbing during the winter. If you used an ice compensator, remove it from your skimmer.

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3. Add Water

Since the pool probably lost several inches of water over the winter, bring your water levels up to normal. Use a hose filter to prevent metals and other contaminants from getting in your pool.




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